Shiny Octopus


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a love of art + ocean



What the eyes see, the spirit feels

In the midst of chaos, art has the power to calm. As the world gets noisier, humans seek relief yet often overlook art as an outlet. Shiny Octopus aims to connect people with art that is transcending and uplifting: an un-digital portal in a physical space. And if one big, beautiful piece can touch a soul and help our planet, then the Shiny Octopus vision is alive.

How it started

Shiny Octopus is the passion project of Andrea Lumsden, wife of photographer Kenroy Lumsden. For two decades, she lived happily in the fast-paced world of marketing, serving clients with global reach and leaders with visionary purpose. During this time she observed the evolution and accumulation of her husband’s many projects, brilliant yet unrecognized. Her favorite: a private library of every day objects come to life as fine art photography. 

In 2017, after years of riding waves of exhilaration and exhaustion (chasing the ever-elusive work/life balance), Andrea experienced a professional lull that ignited a desire to sail calmer seas and enjoy greater freedom. It was time to work for herself and to set an example for her three children, demonstrating to them the importance of shaping their own lives in ways that enabled them to improve the world.

Forging this new path terrified her, but Kenroy's work inspired her. She imagined pieces from his top-secret collections bringing joy and respite to others while adorning their homes and offices in extraordinary fashion. Dreams of making a positive impact in the world and building a sustainable business motivated her. 

Andrea knew there were other artists out there with unpublished work worthy of discovery and with the power to enhance lives. She believed many of them would be willing to sacrifice some profit for the greater good. The lightbulb floating above her head lit up and warmed her soul with hope.

It was an epiphany wrapped in both fireworks and trepidation, but Andrea knew she was on to something: a platform with the power to lift spirits and save the world through art. After 16 months of patiently planning and carefully shaping a vision, Shiny Octopus was born.

A cause worth more than a thousand words

When Kenroy joined Andrea on the Shiny Octopus mission, he understood that helping planet earth was essential to their purpose. Love for the ocean, thanks to a shared childhood by the sea, made it easy for them to focus on marine preservation. Flashbacks to endless days breathing in fresh, salty air and splashing in clear, blue waters inspired them. As kids, they revered the ocean—a glorious Caribbean Sea drenching the virgin shores of the Cayman Islands. A sea that's now threatened by preventable perils.

The contrast between the crystalline waters of their memories and the pollution-infested seas afflicting many parts of the world today is stark. Oceans are planet earth's powerful life support system. Andrea and Kenroy believe that saving the seas is an urgent no-brainer.

Today's planetary challenges include the heartbreaking and illegal slaughter of marine wildlife, along with outrageous plastic pollution and unnecessary overfishing. Thankfully, there are many amazing groups and courageous individuals out there dedicating their lives to protecting the planet. Shiny Octopus is also doing its part.

A portion of profits will be donated to various marine conservancy groups. As the company grows, so will the contributions—not only monetary, but also through activism and education. Tomorrow's generation of humans and marine wildlife deserve the crystal-clear and peaceful waters of Andrea and Kenroy's youth.