Shiny Octopus


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a love of art + ocean



How it started

Shiny Octopus is the passion project of Andrea Lumsden, wife of photographer Kenroy Lumsden. For two decades, Andrea enjoyed a quiet career in marketing while observing—with admiration—the evolution and accumulation of her husband’s private projects, a growing library of original and diversely-themed photography.  

In 2017, she experienced a professional lull along with an intense desire to change her life in a worthwhile way. How could she continue to provide her family with financial support while contributing to a worthy cause? She believed that Kenroy’s unpublished art, kept private for so many years, could be the key to her future.

But he needed some convincing...

After a year of encouragement, patience and a compelling business sales pitch, Andrea finally persuaded him to get on board.

A cause worth more than a thousand words

Having spent their childhood on the Caribbean Island of Grand Cayman, Andrea and Kenroy both feel a deep connection with the ocean, revering its majesty and its wildlife. They understand that healthy oceans play a critical role to healthy life on earth (more than half of the planet’s oxygen comes from the sea).

When the idea of Shiny Octopus started taking shape, helping planet earth was at the heart of the company vision. Today's planetary challenges include heartbreaking destruction happening in our seas due to pollution, overfishing and the illegal slaughter of wildlife. Thankfully, there are many amazing groups and courageous individuals out there dedicating their lives to protecting the planet. Shiny Octopus will also do its part.

A portion of profits will be donated to various marine conservancy groups. As the company grows, so will the contributions (time, money, activism). This is a lifesaving cause.

What our eyes see, our spirit feels

In the midst of chaos, art has the power to calm. As the world gets noisier (news, social media, political unrest), humans seek relief, but often overlook art as an outlet. Shiny Octopus hopes to connect people with photography that is transcending and uplifting: an un-digital portal in a physical space. And if one big, beautiful piece can touch a soul and help our planet, then the Shiny Octopus Vision is alive.