Shiny Octopus

How To Buy



If you're here, then you're among a handful of family and friends invited to get a sneak peek of never-before-seen photography by Kenroy Lumsden. Our goal is to launch to the public by early 2019, but we can't do that without your support. You see, we chose to skip the difficult task of pitching to investors and asking them to have faith in our vision. Instead, we're offering you an opportunity to invest in original art (that nobody else owns) and promising to deliver top quality pieces ready to hang on your walls. All profits from our private sales will fund our startup operating costs. And you get to walk away with art you love before the rest of the world even knows we exist.

How to buy

Our e-commerce site is still under construction. In the meantime, we hope to make it as easy as 1-2-3 for you to get your hands on one of our original pieces!

1. Fill out our secure online order form (include the title, size and frame option you'd like)

2. Send us your payment (Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Wire Transfer, Cash)

3. Wait eagerly for your art to arrive



Profits that protect

We won't be in stealth mode forever. Once launched, we will formally begin donating a portion of our profits to various ocean conservancy and marine wildlife protection groups. We're serious about protecting our planet and believe that, together, we can make an impact. 

We love other artists, too!

Our plans also include featuring undiscovered artists and providing a platform for them to showcase and sell their work. If you're an artist who is interested in submitting work, please read all about our application process here and don't hesitate to email us with questions anytime!