Shiny Octopus




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Kenroy has enjoyed life behind the camera for over two decades. His ability to disarm even the most camera-shy subjects is a rare gift that has enabled him to produce exceptionally raw and soulful portraits. But it was a secret hobby that planted the seed for Shiny Octopus: portraits of every day objects. As a lover of irreverent beauty, he sees life in the most mundane items and enjoys transforming theme into vibrant, playful and sensual art. When he's not at work in Manhattan, he's at home in Brooklyn refining his craft, relaxing with his family, sipping on rum or planning a trip to the Cayman Islands to sip more rum.

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Rav Carlotti has spanned the globe, documenting cultures and searching for a common thread that unites them. His work has taken him to over 80 locations. He currently resides in New York. He is a graduate ofthe Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA in Photography, and minors in art history and international politics. He is currently attending the CUNY graduate center pursuing a degree in international migration and cultural anthropology.  

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